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Gold Gradient Nails

May 19, 2014 / by Liz

Main - Gold Gradient Nails

I’ve done a couple of variations of glitter gradients on my nails before (using a sponge and shellac {here}, and using layering {here}), but I think this most recent way is the easiest yet (using shellac polish).

I started with a nice neutral base colour.

1 - Base Colour

For the gradient, I used gold glitter shellac polish, a small amount of rubbing alcohol, and an artist brush.

2 - Gold Polish + Brush


I first added the gold polish to the base of my nails with the small brush. Then I dipped the brush in the alcohol and pulled the polish forward, creating the gradient effect.

3 - Gold at Base

4 - Gold Gradient

Final - Gold Gradient Nails

Happing polishing!

Signature FINAL

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