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Gradient Grey

January 9, 2014 / by Liz

Main - Gradient + Grey

I loved the way that Amy’s nails turned out last week, so I decided to try something similar on my own nails, but with grey polish instead. I used polish rather than shellac mainly because we’ve been having some serious intermittent power issues here in Newfoundland lately! But also, I was excited to try these new Butter polishes!

1 - Butter Polish

I started with two coats of the solid grey.

2 - Solid Grey

For the sparkly gradient, I painted the whole nail bed with sparkles first. Then, after a minute or so, added another coat on 3/4 of each nail, waited a minute, then painted 1/2 of each nail…. and so on, such that the tip of each nail was the most sparkly!

3 - Gradient Sparkles

4 - Close Up

Fun and fitting for winter :)

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