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Cake Pop Martinis

August 1, 2013 / by Liz


I love a good martini. And I love a good cake pop. Best of both worlds? The cake pop martini! I recently made these for an amazing friend’s bachelorette party. So fun.

I started with a red valvet cake and some cream cheese icing. To make a cake pop, you need to crumble your cake, and mix the crumbs together with icing until the consistency is such that you can roll it into balls (or other shapes). If you want a more detailed explanation of how to make a cake pop, check out the blog of the queen of cake pops – Bakerella! She’s the best (and the inventor of cake pops). I used a 1″ ice cream scoop to make balls small enough to look (kind of) like olives.


Rather than round balls, I rolled olive shaped balls. Refrigerate until cold and firm.


I then mixed an olive green colour, using about 2/3 cup lime green candy melts, 1/3 cup regular green candy melts, and 6 or 7 brown candy melts. Dip the stick into the chocolate coating, insert into the cake ball, and let harden before dipping.


Fully submerge the pop into the chocolate, then tap off the excess. I added a large red sprinkle to one end so that it looked more like a stuffed olive!


Fill a martini glass with sugar pearls, add the olive cake pop, and you’re good to go!


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