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Summer Flowers Nail Art

July 25, 2013 / by Liz

Today was so hot and humid outside that it was nice to spend a little time inside painting my nails. I almost always paint my nails with shellac (I use this kit from Sephora), however, this would work just as well with regular nail polish. With the exception of the base colour, I like to put small amounts of the other colours I’m working with on a tray. I used white for the base colour, light and dark blue, and also light and dark pink for the flowers, and green for the leaves. I used several tiny artist brushes, and also a silicone tip brush (but honestly, a toothpick works just as well!).


Here are the steps I followed to create summertime flowers on my nails:

STEP 1 | After applying a base coat, I painted all my nails white. I think almost any light colour would look nice. I applied three coats to ensure it wasn’t see-through. Make sure your nails are dry before painting on flowers.
Step 1

STEP 2 | Using and artist brush, paint circles all over your nails with the lighter colours (I used light blue and light pink). They don’t have to be perfect or uniform!

Step 2

STEP 3 | When the circles are dry, use a silicone tip brush and the darker version of each colour to paint two or three curved lines around each circle. Add a dot in the middle. Again, they don’t have to be perfect.

Step 3

STEP 4 | Add the leaves to each flower using the silicone tip brush.  Then apply a top coat.

Step 4
There you go. Pretty summer flowers on your nails!

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