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How To: Fondant Lace

July 15, 2014 / by Liz

Main - Fondant Lace

I recently made a wedding cake for a friend that included some lacy pieces made from fondant. Here’s how I made them!

I used four different cutters: a large round cutter (5 inches) with scalloped edges, a tear drop shaped cutter (I couldn’t find one, so my friend Laura made it for me!), and two piping tips – a small circle and a star tip.
1 - Cutters

First, cut out a large circle:
2 - Cut Out Circle

Use the tiny circle tip to cut small holes all around the outside:
3 - Cut Small Holes at Edges

Next, use the tear drop cutter to cut shapes all around the outside:
4 - Cut Outer Tear Drops

Cut a small hole near the base of each tear drop:
5 - More Small Holes

Cut another round of tear drops closer to the center:
6 - Inner Tear Drops

Cut another small hole at the tip of each tear drop:
7 - More Small Holes

Use the star tip to make a little impression between each tear drop:
8 - Star Tip

And that’s it! You have a pretty piece of fondant lace! You could make so many variations of this using different shapes. So pretty on cakes.

Final - Wedding Cake

Happy decorating!
Signature FINAL

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