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Advent Calendar for Grown-Ups

November 28, 2014 / by Liz

Main - Advent Calendar

I’ve always loved a good advent calendar (and basically all things that are Christmas related). A couple of years ago, a company in Newfoundland began selling beer advent calendars – which my husband thought was a great idea – but they always sold out super quickly. So this year, I thought I make one for him! All I needed were 24 different beers, and a way to hide what type they were until they could be opened, one by one each day.

I started by making little hats for each of the bottles, since most of the caps had a label or brand on them. I cut out 24 circles, each about 3 inches in diameter.

1 - Draw Circles

2 - Cut Out Cirlces

Then I made a little dot in the middle (approximate is fine), and labeled them 1 through 24.

3 - Number Circles

And just for fun, I added some little green and red decorations around the edges.

4 - Decorate

Then, make a cut in each circle (along the dotted line shown)…

5 - Cut Line

And cut out a little piece of pie.

6 - Cut Out Pie

Form each into a cone, and secure with tape.

7 - Form Hats and Tape

They’re so cute!

9 - All Hats

10 - Hat Stack

Next, I used wrapping paper to cover up any labels on the bottles.

11 - Wrapped Beer

Place a rolled-up piece of tape on the top of each bottle, and stick the hats on.

12 - Tape Tops

13 - Place Hats

And that’s it! Hitchen gets a different beer each day, and can count down the days to Christmas at the same time. Just don’t forget to put each beer in the fridge the night before you want to drink it :)

Final - Advent Calendar
Signature FINAL

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