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Our Paris Apartment

August 3, 2015 / by Liz

When we first moved into our Paris apartment, it didn’t immediately feel home-y. Everything was painted white, and it came unfurnished (which meant it was completely empty… no kitchen cabinets, no light fixtures, nothing). And since our home in Newfoundland is being rented furnished, we brought very little with us. Right after choosing our apartment, we made a huge Ikea order that included everything from cutlery to mattresses… and while it made our place immediately livable and comfortable, it still felt a little more like an Ikea catalogue than our home! But it’s nearly been a year since we moved in (!), and slowly but surely, we’ve really made the space feel like our own :) So I thought I’d share a few pictures!

| The entry way, complete with a dog who was determined to make it into every photo. |

| The main living space. Notice that our couch is 2/3 dog bed, 1/3 human space. And the dog is occupying the human space… |
Living Space 1

| Since the walls are void of colour, I’ve found other ways to incorporate some bright things! |
Living Space 2

Living Space 4

| Eating and blogging space. |
Living Space 3

| Galley kitchen. |
Kitchen 1

| Laundry nook (in the kitchen)! Even though it takes 7 hours to do a full load of laundry, I’ve really come to love our little washer-dryer-in-one. And having laundry in the kitchen is super convenient. |

| Bathroom. |

| I love the accessibility of fresh flowers in Paris… I always have them around the house. |
Bathroom 2

| There’s no toilet in the bathroom, which at first I found really odd. But the more I think about it, having it separate is actually much more practical. |

| Master bedroom. |
Master Bedroom 1

| Since there is not one single closet in our apartment, we’ve had to get creative! |
Master Bedroom 2

| Can I nap on the bed, Mom? |
Master Bedroom 3

| Guest room + office. |
Guest Room + Office

Signature FINAL

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