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Life Update!

May 28, 2017 / by Liz

I’m really not sure how time has gotten away from me, but somehow it’s been a couple of months since I last wrote a blog post.

We spent the majority of March squeezing in some travel around Europe before making the permanent move back to Canada. After a quick ski trip in France, we spent a few weeks driving the coast of Spain and Portugal, before heading back to Paris where we had less than a week to pack up our apartment and make the final move home.

Thanks to my Dad, renovations on our house in Newfoundland had been started back in January, so we were pretty anxious to join in on all the renovation fun as soon as we got home. Seriously, we wasted no time – we landed in Newfoundland on a Sunday and by Monday morning were wearing work boots and coveralls.

The rest has been a bit of a (dusty) blur. Had you asked me 8 weeks ago where we’d be with the renovation by now, I probably would have told you that we’d be practically finished! But of course we’re not. We’ve made great progress, and I’m so happy with how the house is coming along, but it’s going to be a few more months until we can call it done.

In the meantime, without a working kitchen, I won’t be posting any recipes (though I have been doing some baking at my parents house when I get the itch), but I’m hoping to post about some of the upcoming reno projects!

For now, here are some fun photos of the past number of weeks!

{One of the last pictures I took in Paris.}

{Marseille, France.}

{Costa Brava, Spain – my favourite destination!}

{My #1. The best adventure buddy.}

{Anything for that photo!}

{Barcelona. I’d go back to Spain for the paella alone.}

{Valencia, Spain.}

{Malaga, Spain.}

{Portimão, Portugal.}

{Our apartment in Paris post packing. Hitchen still working.}

{Empty apartment.}

{I lasted about a week in Newfoundland without croissants. At least now I know they’re still delicious when made without French flour and butter.}

{Family hike for my Mama’s birthday. There was even an iceberg!}

PS: Follow along on instagram (stories) for renovation updates!

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