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Lacy Half-Moon Mani

November 3, 2015 / by Liz

I attempted this nail design quite a few times before I was completely happy with it. The first few times, I used various brushes and dotting tools to create the lace design, but I couldn’t achieve the detail I was looking for… But then it occurred to me that I could use my stamper and liquid nail tape!

I started with a neutral / taupe base colour.
1 - Base Colour

Then I used the liquid nail tape to cover my nail, minus the half-moon part, and surrounding finger so that the stamp would only go exactly where I wanted it. (Hello, monster fingers!)
2 - Liquid Nail Tape

3 - Stamp

Then I finished the design up with an outline of tiny dots, using a nail art pen.
4 - Detail with Pen

Add a top coat (I used matte) and you’re good to go!
5 - Matte Top Coat

I’m really happy with how these (finally) turned out :)
Final - LHMM
Signature FINAL

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2 thoughts on “Lacy Half-Moon Mani

  1. Pat Robertson says:

    Can’t wait for you and Andrew to move back home. You can show me lots of wonderful things! Nails,Decorating, and so much more.
    Maybe you could do a cookbook😇

  2. Liz says:

    Miss seeing you and being able to drop by for tea! :) LOVE YOU!

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