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Happy Weekend

July 19, 2015 / by Liz

Hello and happy weekend! I figured it was about time to post a few pictures of the fun things I’ve been up to lately, and all the things that are making me happy :)

| Delicious (and creative) meals at Oka with Hitchen and Mama. |
1 - Dinner at Oka

| Picked up a surprisingly heavy shopping bag, only to find Loretta napping inside. |
2 - Cat in the Bag

| Beers on a sunny afternoon canal tour with Mama. |
3 - Boat Beers

The CupCakery (where I work!) supplied about 1000 mini cupcakes, and an awesome cake for the 4th of July celebrations at the American Ambassador’s residence in Paris (see more photos here on DC Rainmaker’s Blog!). Both my Mama and I attended the event, and it was really something…

| Of course there was champagne… |
4 - July 4 - A

|…and giant balloons|
6 - July 4 - C

| What a beautiful place! |
5 - July 4 - B

| And a lovely evening spent with my Mama! |
7 - July 4 - D

Right around this same time, my husband had arrived home in Newfoundland for a visit, and my Dad was getting ready to come to Paris to meet my Mom and I. I was worried that my parent’s dog, Amber, would be sad at home without them, but my Husband took really good care of her :)

| Pretty sure she’s having the time of her life in this picture… |
8 - Amber in Beamer

Shortly after my Dad arrived in Paris, we headed out of town to check out the Normandy area. The trip was really great, and the area was so beautiful – in fact, I’m already planning our next adventure to the French coast!

| The view from our hotel balcony. |
9 - Normandy

| Supper that evening at Restaurant Vue Mer. While this wasn’t exactly what we had intended to order, the food and service were great, and the giant tower of shellfish was humungous and hilarious. |
10 - Seafood Tower

| An incredible sunset. |
11 - Normandy Sunset

| In the town of Honfleur. |
12 - Honfleur

| A little beach time! Yes, the dogs came with us… and were welcomed everywhere. It was fantastic. |
13 - Dad, Layla, Beach

| Golden beach bum. |
14 - Beach Bum Stella

| Posers. |
15 - Dogs in Honfleur

| A hard day at the beach deserves ice cream. |
16 - Dogs + Icecream

| On the drive back into Paris, Stella decided that it was her turn to co-pilot. |
17 - Sttella Co-Pilot

| Back in Paris, I finally tried some Berthillon ice cream with Dad. |
18 - Icecream with Dad

| Awesome lemony dessert cocktails – recipe to come! |
19 - Dessert Cocktails

| These Off The Leash Cartoons basically sum up my life. |
20 - Off the Leash - Poo Slave

That’s all for now! xox
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