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Confetti Nails

October 13, 2014 / by Liz

Main - Confetti Nails

Until our things arrive from Newfoundland, I don’t have many nail supplies to work with. However, all I needed for this nail design was coloured polish, confetti polish, and an old bobby pin!

I used ciaté polish in ‘access all areas’ and ‘comic strip’.

1 - Polish

First, apply two coats of the base colour…

2 - Base Colour

Then, add the confetti polish to the nail tip, and use the bobby pin to move the confetti pieces around, so that they’re not all on top of each other.

3 - Add Glitter

I really like the matte finish of these polishes, however, I don’t have my matte topcoat yet, so I just used a standard topcoat. And that’s it! Super simple, fun nails.

Final - Confetti Nails
Signature FINAL

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