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Capsule Wardrobe: Summer Edition

July 18, 2015 / by Liz

I had really good intentions of posting this within the first few days of July… but better late than never! Over the past few weeks, I’ve been figuring out which items to include in my summer capsule, and even buying a few new things (which coincided quite well with the current French soldes!). Since mid-June, it’s been pretty hot around here. Like, heat-wave-omg-I’m-melting hot. So I’ve chosen mostly lightweight, breezy items – mainly dresses :) Anyhoo, my summer capsule includes…

…four tops
Tops Summer

[1. Coral Tank, Topshop {NEW BUY!} | 2. Sheer Floral Tank, American Apparel | 3. Sheer Tank w/ Leather Trim, Anthropologie | 4. Knit Cardigan, Anthropologie]

…three bottoms
Bottoms Spring

[1. Soft Black Pants, Esprit | 2. Commuter Jeans, Levi’s | 3. Denim Shorts, H&M]

…fifteen dresses
Dresses Summer

[1. Peach + Polka Dots, Dress 911 | 2. Jacamar Dress, Eve Gravel | 3. Blue + White Polka Dots, Yumi | 4. Chambray Dress, Kate Spade | 5. Peach Print Dress, Eve Gravel | 6. Colourful + Stripes, Anthropologie | 7. For a Night On the Town, Nicole Miller | 8. Peach + Lace, Esley | 9. Colourful Maxi, Maeve | 10. Pleated Teal, Darling | 11. Floral + Fitted, Darling | 12. Flowy Rose Dress, Des Petits Hauts {NEW BUY!} | 13. Watercolour + Silk, In Wear | 14. Strappy + Stars, Des Petits Hauts {NEW BUY!} | 15. Sailboat Print, Yumi]

…one coat (just in case)
Coats Summer

[1. Jean Jacket, H&M]

…and six pairs of shoes
Shoes Summer

[1. White Strappy Sandals, H&M {NEW BUY!} | 2. Rose Leather + Metal Sandals, Bocage {NEW BUY!} | 3. Brown + Black Flats, Bocage {NEW BUY!} | 4. Brown Sandals, Birkenstock | 5. Brown Sandal Booties, Blowfish | 6. Slingback Kitten Heels, Prada (Vintage)]

…for a total of 29 items! It’s funny how each capsule has gotten a little smaller each time :)

PS – here’s my original capsule wardrobe post, including my inspiration for doing it, and the rules I set for myself!

Signature FINAL

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