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Computer Case DIY

April 21, 2014 / by Liz

Main - Computer Case DIY

I was on a leather kick a while back, and made a couple of iPad cases, and a phone case (seen here and here). I had been meaning to make a computer case too (the neoprene case I had just wasn’t cute at all, and didn’t fit quite right either), but only got around to it recently. I’m really happy with how it turned out… and even ended up making one for my iPad. It was really easy to make – here’s what I did:

I started by cutting a rectangle out of faux leather. The width of the rectangle should the width of your computer + 1 ½” (to account for the height) + 1 ¼” (to allow for sewing two 5/8″ seams). The length should be 2 ½ times the length of your computer.

1 - Materials

Next, fold the bottom third of the rectangle back on itself (wrong sides out), and sew up the sides (to make a pocket for your computer, like an envelope). I trimmed the excess material off the flap so that it wasn’t wider than the pocket once it was sewed up.

2 - Fold & Sew

4 - Trim

3 - Check for Fit

Then, sew a long piece of leather lace to the flap so that you can wrap it around the case to secure it.

5 - Add Suede String

Useful and cute!

Main - Computer Case DIY

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One thought on “Computer Case DIY

  1. Mom says:

    The cases are really nice – must get you to do the cushions for me soon

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