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Milan, Florence, & Geneva

March 28, 2015 / by Liz

A few weekends back, Hitchen and I had a lovely travel weekend with a couple of friends from Canada! We met up in Milan, and also spent a little time in Florence and Geneva. It was a quick trip (just four days), but we managed to cram in a ton (especially food). Here are some of the highlights!


Day #1

| Flying into Milan. So nice to see mountains. |
1 - Flying Into Milan

| The view from the living room of our AirBnB. |
2 - Milan AirBnB

Hitchen and I arrived in Milan on Friday morning, and spent the day walking around, enjoying the sunshine, and of course – eating. We started with cocktails at Corsia Del Giardino – a lovely bar with outdoor seating, tucked away in a small garden area, just back from a busy street. The drinks were on the pricy side, but they were amazing, and the bar tender was really friendly.

After cocktails, we still had a little time before supper, so we went to an enoteca – N’Ombra de Vin. The restaurant / wine bar was in an actual cave, and had the most wine I’ve ever seen in one place! So cool.

| N’Ombra de Vin wine cave. |
4 - Enoteca - N'Ombra de Vin

5 - Wine at N'Ombra de Vin

Finally, went went to Trattoria Del Nuovo Macello for supper. It was really busy (we had made reservations earlier that week), and the food and service were super.


Day #2

Our friends arrived on Saturday morning (after flying all night!), and after some relaxing and caffeination, we went out for a snack and some drinks. When in Italy, drink spritz!

6 - Spritz

|Of course, we had to check out Duomo di Milano. So beautiful. |
3 - Duomo

That afternoon, we took a food tour, which was definitely one of the highlights of the trip! I would definitely recommend this. The guide was really knowledgeable (about Milan too, not just the food), and took us to six great places – a bakery {Panifico Pattini}, a restaurant specializing in cured meat {Parma & Co.}, a gelato place {Amorino}, a cocktail bar {Take Away Bistrot}, a restaurant with traditional foods {Antico Pastificio Moscova}, and a pizza place {Princi}! Really incredible. And we were really full afterwards.

| Amazing parma ham from Parma & Co. |
7 - Parma Ham

8 - More Parma

| Though it wasn’t technically part of the tour, we stopped into an awesome wine cave / store {Enoteca Cotti} during the walk. The owners were really friendly and helpful, and we even tasted (and subsequently bought) some grappa. |
9 - Enoteca Cotti


Day #3

On Sunday, we got up early and took the train to Florence for the day. We did a lot of walking, checked out a couple of markets, and had some great food and wine. One of the best meals of the trip was had at Pitti Gola E Cantina. We each had a three course meal with four wine pairings, all of which were awesome. The service was excellent, and the prices were really reasonable too. Would definitely recommend! Also, if you’re in the mood for some shopping, we stumbled across the cutest store – Boutique Nadine. (I had to restrain myself from buying all the clothes.)

| Il Duomo di Firenze. |
10 - Duomo Florence

| It’s Shanna! |
12 - Shanna

| Pitti Gola E Cantina. |
11 - Gola E Cantina


Day #4

On the last day of our whirlwind tour, we headed to Geneva. To be honest, I wasn’t really sure what to expect… but the city was really beautiful, and again, had great food! (Seriously, I think our main motivation for travel is food and drink…) We had lunch at an informal, cafeteria style restaurant {La Buvette des Bains} right on the water. The food was great, and the view was even better. Also, I found a really great cake / decorating supply store {Geneva Cakes}, which totally made my day :)

| Coconut ice cream in a coconut shell (they also had tangerine, lime, and passion fruit) from Buvette des Bains. |
13 - Coconut Icecream

| Pretty city. |
14 - Fountain

| Planes, birds, boats. |
15 - Planes, Birds, Boats

| Mature adults, obviously. |16 - Mature Adults

| When in Switzerland, eat chocolate. |
18 - Swiaa Chocolate

So much stuff packed into such a short time! It was a blast.
Signature FINAL

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2 thoughts on “Milan, Florence, & Geneva

  1. shanna says:

    Yay! Great photos. Miss you and your macaroons!!

  2. Liz says:

    Thanks :) Miss you too!! So happy you came to visit. xx

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