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Happy Weekend

June 28, 2015 / by Liz

Long time, no blog post! Now that summer is in full swing, work has been super busy (and fun) – but I’ve still got some recipes and nail art ready for the blog this week :) However, in the meantime, just somethings that have been making me happy lately…

| My job is so colourful! |

| Vampire cat. |
Vampire Cat

| New coffee machine! Ever since our lovely krups espresso maker bit the bickie, we’ve been really (really) missing it. Don’t get me wrong – french press coffee is amazing… But we missed the espressos and foamy milk. So now we’re using a Nespresso Umilk (that my lucky husband got for his birthday), and it’s amazing! I was really against the idea of a machine that used coffee pods, but I came around once I found out that the Nespresso ones can be recycled. |

| Mom’s here! So happy. And so are the furries. |
Mom's Arrivval

| Wine in the sunshine. |
Wine Time

| A fun gold glitter gradient… |
Glitter Gradient

| …which let me try out this new glitter polish remover from Essie. LOVE it. It has the consistency of a gel, and contains little scrubby-beads to help remove the glitter. |
Glitter Remover

| Affectionate kitty loves a head scratch. |
Loretta Head Scratch

Bon weekend! xx
Signature FINAL

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