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DIY: Sandwich Board

August 18, 2014 / by Liz

Main - Sandwich Board

I made this chalk sandwich board last month for my friend Amy’s wedding – super cute as a “you’re here” sign! It was relatively simple to make. The materials I used were:

• oak veneered plywood
• table saw (or ask the store to cut the plywood to size)
• oak trim
• chalk board paint + foam roller
• 2 hinges
• drill
• mitre saw (or hand saw + mitre box)
• brad nailer (or a hammer + finishing nails)
• 2 eye hooks
• piece of ribbon
• pencil

Start by cutting the plywood into two pieces measuring 2′ by 2′-6″ in size. Then painted each (one side only) with three coats of the chalk board paint.

1 - Cut & Paint

Next, I added the hinges.

2 - Add Hinges

For the trim, I mitred the oak and used a brad nailer to attach the trim to one side of the board.

3 - Mitre Cut

4 - Tack in Place

My Dad offered me a great tip: rather than measuring each piece of trim, mitre one end, put it in place, and mark where the other end should be cut. Much more accurate (and easier) than measuring. If you don’t have someone to hold the piece in place for you, you could always use clamps.

5 - Mark Here

The oak trim looks so nice against the black paint!

6 - Trim Complete

Finally, add an eye hook to the inside of each piece of the board, and tie a ribbon between the two hooks. This will ensure that the board can only open so wide.

7 - Add Ribbon

That’s it! I love how it turned out!

Final - Sandwich Board

Signature FINAL

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