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Capsule Wardrobe: Fall 2016 Edition

October 18, 2016 / by Liz

I know I’m a bit late posting my fall capsule, but honestly it’s been a work in progress over the past number of weeks. This time around, I ended up buying quite a few new pieces for my capsule (and giving away a bunch of things too), and it’s taken a while to find the new things I needed. And for the most part, I really did need the new items – some things were completely worn out from excessive wear (a few shirts, my canvas sneakers, and my jean jacket), some things didn’t fit well anymore as I’ve lost a little weight as a result of incorporating exercise back into my life (and maybe cutting back on the number of croissants I was eating), and then there was the leather jacket that I left in the back of an Autolib (car share) that was never to be found again (so sad). Anyway, without anymore excuses, here’s my fall capsule. It includes…

…ten tops


[ 1. Pima Slub Tank, Grana {NEW BUY!} | 2. Grey Silk Tank, Grana {NEW BUY!} | 3. Keys Top, Eve Gravel | 4. What Ever Top, Tricotto {NEW BUY!} | 5. Silk Cap Sleeve Tee, Grana {NEW BUY!} | 6. Calvert Tee, Kit and Ace | 7. Easy V Mid Sleeve, Kit and Ace | 8. Denim Button Up, Talula | 9. Dolan Cardigan, Anthropologie | 10. Kent Blazer, Talula ]

…three bottoms


[ 1. Black Skinny Jeans, Zara {NEW BUY!} | 2. Classic Denim, Zara {NEW BUY!} | 3. Faux Leather Skirt, Wilfred ]

…five dresses


[ 1. Jacmine Dress, Des Petits Hauts {NEW BUY!} | 2. Purple Zari Dress, Kate Spade | 3. Chambray Dress, Kate Spade | 4. Fit to Impress Party Dress, Kit and Ace | 5. Grenadier Dress, Birds of North America ]

…two coats


[ 1. Brown Leather Bomber Jacket, Naf Naf {NEW BUY!} | 2. Classic Denim Jacket, DE Collection {NEW BUY!} ]

…and five pairs of shoes


[ 1. Brown Leather Boots, Steve Madden | 2. Black Canvas Sneakers, Armistice {NEW BUY!} | 3. Brown Lace Up Flats, Rocket Dog | 4. Ankle Boots w/ Heels, Bocage | 5. Black Leather Lace-Ups, La Scarpa ]

…for a total of 25 items! Hooray for boots-and-scarves weather!

Signature FINAL

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