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Happy Weekend

February 8, 2015 / by Liz

Hope you’re all having a lovely and relaxing weekend! Here are some pictures of things that have made me happy over the past couple of weeks…

| visited home (Newfoundland) a couple of weeks ago, and my mom made homemade moose stew with pastry for the night I arrived. amazing. |
1 - Moose Stew

| fishcakes and fried eggs for breakfast. |
2 - Fish Cakes

| my sweet amber bear in the woods. miss that face already. |
3 - Amber in the Woods

| signal hill. oh, Newfoundland, you are too lovely. |
4 - Signal Hill

| found this little gem for #tbt. early engineering days. can’t believe that was a decade ago. still ♥ these faces. |
5 - Engineering TBT

| dad, trying to explain to amber why she can’t have another bone. |
6 - Dad and Amber

| when I returned to Paris. the pets wanted to be sure I wouldn’t leave again. |
7 - Back in Paris + Pets

| went to Sugar Paris Exhibition with a friend. so many decorating supplies and sweet treats. basically, heaven. also, see “coquelicot” macarons below… took me  while to figure out what that flavour was in English, but I’m pretty sure it’s poppy flower. |
8 - Macarons

| sleeping kitties are the cutest. |
9 - Lori

| made these red velvet cupcakes for a friend’s birthday. it should have been a happy thing, but our sneaky dog ate every single one, including the paper wrappers. and then proceeded to get sick all over the apartment. now that she’s fine, it’s pretty funny.|
10 - Cupcakes

Signature FINAL

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