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Chocolate Course at Cook’n With Class

January 10, 2016 / by Liz

Last week, a friend and I took a chocolate course at a little cooking school in Paris… and it was super awesome! The course covered tempering chocolate, using chocolate molds, making chocolate spheres, truffles, and how to make various ganaches and chocolate fillings. It was a ton of information to take in, but so, so good. I can’t wait to try some of the recipes at home, and hopefully I can share them later! But for now, I just thought I’d share a few pictures.

{All the chocolate molds. Everything from the classic chocolate bon-bon shapes, to a rooster.}
1 - Molds

{Part of the tempering process. In order to temper chocolate, it must be heated up, cooled (shown here), and then re-heated slightly – all to specific temperatures that are determined based on the type of chocolate being used.}
2 - Tempering

{Brushing the chocolate sphere molds.}
3 - Brushing Molds

{It’s a little messy…}
4 - Mess

{Chocolate curls, with printed design made fromĀ cocoa butter.}
5 - Printed Chocolate Curls

{Sealing the bottoms of the chocolate bon-bons, after they were filled with caramel cream.}
6 - Sealing Chocolates

{Finished product.}
7 - Finished Chocolates

{Chocolate sphere, filled with passion fruit pastry cream.}
8 - Finished Sphere

{All the goodies!}
9 - Finished Chocolates
10 - Finished Chocolates
Signature FINAL

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