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Happy Weekend

October 25, 2015 / by Liz

Happy Sunday, friends! I’ve just realized that it’s been way too long since I’ve written a ‘happy weekend’ post – and it’s not for lack of things to be happy about, despite the fact that it’s been a really tough month. So here are a few pictures of things that have kept me smiling over the past number of weeks…

{ Testing cheesecake recipes. Sometimes my job is soooo hard… :) }
1 - Cheesecake Testing

{ Walking the beautiful gardens of the Château de Versailles, with friends visiting from Canada. }
2 - Versailles

{ Snuggles from Helen upon returning from a difficult trip home to Newfoundland. }
3 - Helen

{ Stella has taken to carrying her frisbee home from the park. }
4 - Stella Carrying Frisbee

{ Caught Layla napping with the cat. }
5 - Caught Napping

{ Out for supper with a friend and all our dogs. }
6 - Supper with Girls

{ Night walks around Paris – so rare to see the Louvre not swarmed by crowds. }
7 - Louvre at Night

{ Even Stella thought the Louvre was pretty impressive. }
8 - Stella Goes to Louvre

{ Beautiful pictures of home, sent by Mom. }
9 - Rennies River

{ An incredible lunch with friends at Itinéraries. }
10 - Lunch at Itineraries

{ And a favourite lunch place – Candelaria. }
11 - Candelaria Margaritas

12 - Candelaria

{ Met up with some friends at a really great microbrewery. }
13 - Paname

Enjoy your week!
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