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Peach + Gold Nail Art

August 5, 2015 / by Liz

I’m on a bit of a peach kick lately, so I thought I’d paint some fun peachy nail art! I started with the base colours – gold on my thumbs, peach on my pointer fingers and pinkies, and white on my middle and ring fingers.

1 - Base Colour

Then, I placed these little chevron stencils (from What’s Up Nails) on my middle and ring fingers, and painted between the spaces with the peach and gold polishes (alternating).

2 - Stencils

3 - Paint Over Stencils

I really like that these stencils come in varying widths – these thin ones are great for my short little nail beds. After you polish over the top, make sure you peel them off right away, before the new polish dries.

4 - Remove Stencils

And because I was being a little indecisive, I went with a single colour per nail (rather than alternating the peach and gold) on my right hand. Still can’t decide which I like better!

5 - Indecisive Right Hand

Add a top coat, and that’s it.

Final - Peach, Gold, White

Signature FINAL

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