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Organize Your Glasses

August 4, 2015 / by Liz

I’ve never really been able to wear contacts due to my perpetually dry eyes, so I’ve always been a glasses-wearer. The bigger and dorkier the better :) So, over the years, I’ve developed quite the collection… of both regular glasses and sunglasses. Since I wear glasses daily, it’s nice to be able to switch it up a bit! But as a result of having multiple pairs, they always ended up poked in various places… the bathroom vanity, my nightstand, the coffee table, etc. So I figured it was high time to make them a home! Enter the easiest craft project ever. All you need for this project is:

• a canvas (I used an old one I already had)
• ribbon
• scissors
• nice paper / wrapping paper
• stapler + staples
• cupboard door bumpers
• 4 thumbtacks

1 - Supplies

I started by wrapping the pretty paper around the sides of the canvas, and securing it to the canvas frame with staples.

2 - Wrap Canvas

Then, I wrapped it around the ends, like a present.

3 - Wrap Ends

Half done!

4 - Wrapping Final

I laid a couple of pairs of glasses in place, so that I could judge the height for the ribbon pieces.

5 - Use Glasses for Ribbon Placement

Then I just secured each end of the ribbon to the back of the canvas with a thumbtack.

6 - Secure With Tacks

7 - All Tacks

And for the final touch, place a bumper on each bottom corner.

8 - Add Bumpers

Hang it on your wall, place all of your glasses on there, and admire! Nice and organized, and super cute too!

Final - Organize Glasses
Signature FINAL

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