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Wedding Nails

August 5, 2013 / by Liz


This past Saturday, I was honoured to be a part of a wonderful friend’s wedding. So today I thought I’d post my wedding-themed nail art.

To create the details, I used a silicone tip brush. Rather than using one of the nail colours I had, I ended up mixing my own. I wanted a very translucent pink to go over the white tips, and as I didn’t have one, I mixed a small amount of my solid pink colour with a nearly-clear colour. I also used silver coloured micro-beads.

1 - Materials

After dealing with my (awful) cuticles and applying a base coat, I painted the tips of my nails white.

2 - White Tips

I then applied the translucent pink colour over the white tips so that they wouldn’t look so stark.

3 - Tips & Colour

The hearts were added with the silicone brush, and the sparkles were adhered to my nails using top coat.

4 - Materials 2

I added top coat to the base of my nails (the “half moon” part), and poured the micro-beads over my nails. I then used an orange stick to remove any beads that had stuck on in the wrong places.

5 - Hearts & Sparkles

Just for fun, rather than adding a heart to my thumb as well, I painted “love”.

6 - Love

I always finish my nails with a top coat, but for these I applied two coats to ensure the micro-beads would stay in place.

I love how these turned out! ♥

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