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Satin Flowers

August 27, 2013 / by Liz

Satin Flowers - Main

I’m getting married in December, and because I consider my dogs to be family members, I want them to be a part of the wedding. I looked high and low for fancy collars for them to wear on the day, however, I just couldn’t find what I was looking for. So instead, it’s turned into a little DIY project! I purchased plain white collars and leashes, and made these satin flowers to attach to them. Here’s how I did it:

I used satin in two colours (black and ivory to match my wedding colours), scissors, a lighter, pearl buttons, and a needle and thread.

1 - Materials

Cut the satin into 4 different size squares – mine ranged from 4 inches to 1 ½ inches across.

2 - Squares

Trim the corners off the squares to form circle-ish shapes. Mine are nowhere near perfect, but I think it makes the flowers look a little more realistic.

3 - Circles

Use a lighter to burn the edges of the fabric. It will melt (preventing fraying) and curl up towards the shiny side of the satin.

4 - Burn Edges

5 - Burn Final

I used 3 pieces of each size (i.e. 12 total) to form one flower, and arranged them so that the centers of each circle were slightly out of line. Use more or less, however you’d like them to look.

6 - Arrange White 1

8 - Arrange Black

Using the needle and thread, stitch all of the circle layers together so that nothing moves out of place while you’re adding the botton.

7 - Arrange White 2

And then sew a button (or gem, or something) to the center. Voila!

Satin Flower - Final

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