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Roots, Rants, & Roars

September 23, 2013 / by Liz

This past weekend, Hitch and I, along with several of our friends attended the Roots, Rants, & Roars food festival! It’s an annual event that’s held in Elliston, NL, takes place over two days, features top-notch chefs from across Canada, and highlights all kinds of awesome music. Here are some pics! (Be prepared for your mouth to water.)

We started our drive out of town with a gorgeous rainbow:

1 - Roadtrip Rainbow

We stayed in nearby Bonavista, in a family-friend’s house, which had the most awesome variety of wallpaper that has ever existed. Retro and wicked:

2 - Epic Wallpaper

Friday night of the festival is the “King of Cod” – all the chefs prepare cod in different ways. My favourites were the panfried cod by Oppidan, and the cod donut by The Bonavista Institute:

3 - Friday Night Favs

Saturday-daytime features a food hike. The hike is a lovely walk through the scenic town of Maberly, which includes many food stops along the way:

4 - Saturday Welcome

5 - Food Hike 1

6 - Food Hike 2

7 - Food Hike 3

My favourite:

8 - Food Hike 4

Look! It’s Chuck Hughes and Danny Smiles!!

9 - Food Hike 5

And the beautiful scenery along the way:

10 - Food Hike Scenery

Saturday night is “The Roast”. More delicious food and wine pairings…

11 - Sat Night 1

12 - Sat Night 2

13 - Sat Night 3

14 - Sat Night 4

What’s better than Turduckin? Turbeefin!

15 - Sat Night 5

Happy & Full:

16 - Me + Hitch

On our way back, we stopped into Two Whales Cafe for lunch. So good! I had to buy the t-shirt.

17 - Two Whales

Such a fabulous weekend! I think I need to go on a diet now…

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