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Partridgeberry Apple Pie Pops

November 5, 2013 / by Liz

Main - Pie Pops

I made these pie pops last week… and will definitely be making them again soon! I really love classic desserts in personalized sizes – and who doesn’t love a dessert on a stick?! To make these you’ll need:

• Pie Pastry (I followed this recipe)
• Partridgeberry-Apple Pie Filling (recipe below)
• Lollipop Sticks
• 1 Beaten Egg
• Sanding Sugar

I started by making the filling. (I love using local ingredients – I picked the berries myself, and the apples were grown by my Aunt!) Here’s my recipe:

Pie Filling Header


¾ cup partridgeberries
4 crab apples (or 3 regular apples), peeled, cored, and cut into little cubes
¼ cup lemon juice
1 cup sugar
1 tablespoon cornstarch (dissolved in a small amount of warm water)

1 - Fruit


In a small saucepan over medium heat, combine the berries, apples, lemon juice and sugar. Heat until boiling, then reduce heat to low and simmer for 10 minutes. Add the dissolved cornstarch while stirring, and remove from heat once thickened.

Once your filling is made, set it aside to cool.

Next, make your pastry and roll it out (or simply use ready-made pastry). Use a 2-1/2″ round cutter to cut out circles. (The recipe I used allowed me to make 48 circles / 24 pops).

2 - Roll & Cut

3 - Cut Dough

Arrange the pastry circles onto parchment lined cookie sheets (8 per sheet). Use the beaten egg to moisten the edges of the circles (so that the top will stick on). Dip each stick into the egg, and place one on each circle. Then place a small spoonful of filling onto each round. Carefully cover each pop with the remaining half of the pastry circles (I found that stretching them a little first helped them fit nicely over the filling without too much seepage). Press the edges of the top and bottom firmly together. Cut a small “X” in the middle of the pop to allow steam to escape while baking. Brush the tops with egg, and sprinkle with sanding sugar.

4 - Assemble

5 - Fill

6 - Bake Ready

Then, bake at 375F for about 20 minutes, until golden brown.

Final - Pie Pops

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