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(Not for dogs) Dog Pillows

November 6, 2013 / by Liz


I used to hate extra pillows on couches. But something happened over the last few months… I just had to have some! They make the couches seem cozier, and more comfortable for napping too. So I bought some cute little blue cushions with white buttons on them. They lasted about a week…. the fabric was covered with dog hair in no time, and keeping them clean was just way more hassle than it was worth.

But I still wanted cushions…. so I decided to make my own! Ideally I would have made them from Leather, but that just wasn’t in the budget. So I bought some vinyl instead, and it actually looks a lot like leather. I also added silhouettes of the dogs and cat on each of the pillows. Here’s how I did it.

I bought pre-made pillows, and used the vinyl to cover them. First I cut out the pieces. The top/front piece was cut to the size of the pillow + 5/8″ on every side to allow for the seams when I sewed them up. I did the same for the bottom/back piece, but added an extra 5″ to the length to allow for over lap in the back (shown below).

1 - Trace to Size

Once the pieces were cut out, I added the silhouettes to the front pieces. I found basic silhouettes online, and changed them a little to make them look like my girls. Then cut them out, trace them onto the material, and paint with a fabric or all-purpose paint. I used Martha Stewart brand paints.

2 - Supplies

4 - Paint

5 - Paint 2

I used three coats of each paint to get the desired colour. Then, once the paint is good and dry (I waited a couple days), you’re ready to sew up the pillow cases.

I started by cutting the back piece (the longer one) in half. Then hem one of the halves.

6 - Cut Back

7 - Pin Hem

8 - Finished Hem

Now you’re ready to sew all the pieces together. Place the front piece on a table, good side UP. Next, lay the hemmed half of the back piece on top, good side DOWN. Lay the other half of the back on top of that, again good side down. Pin the edges, and sew.

9 - Order of Layers

11 - Sew

Trim excess material from the corners (on the inside), and cut little slits in the seam, so that the corners can form nicely once you turn it right-side-out.

12 - Trim Corners

Then turn it right-side-out and stuff your pillow in! The back will have a tidy seam / opening for pillow stuffing, and the front will have your cute silhouette.

13 - Finished Back

14 - Finished Front


Final 1

Final 2

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