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Nails for Halloween

October 30, 2013 / by Liz

Main - Halloween Nails

I love halloween – it’s such a fun time of the year. I also love holiday-themed nail art! Here’s how I did these:

I had to mix a bunch of colours together in order to achieve the colours I wanted…

1 - Colours

Two coats of grey on all but my ring fingers, and three coats of limey-green on my ring fingers.

2 - Solid Colours

For the candy corn, I first painted the whole triangle shape white (so that the orange and yellow would show up better), with an artist brush. It took three coats of the white to cover the grey!

3 - Add Triangles

Then I added the details for Frankenstein, again using an artist brush – black shaggy hair, a stitched mouth, and googly eyes.

4 - Add Frankenface

Next, add the orange and yellow to the candy corn triangles.

5 - Add Organge

6 - Complete Candy Corn

Finally, for my thumb, I just added a purple sparkly vertical stripe (the same way that I added the sparkles here).

7 - Tape

8 - Tape Nails

9 - Sprinkle Sparkles

10 - Thumb

Done.┬áHope you’re excited for Halloween!

Final - Halloween Nails

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