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(Improved?) Mojitos

July 22, 2013 / by Liz

Mojito (With Text)

I’ve never blogged before. But I’ve decided that a creative outlet might do me good. And also allow me to stop posting ridiculous pictures of my fingernails on facebook and Instagram. I’m sure my friends will appreciate this. So here goes.

Yesterday evening was beautiful and warm, and I spent the evening at my parent’s house for supper. My mom suggested that Mojitos would be great, and I agreed… and then we realized there was no white rum or club soda. Super boo. So I ended up making something that’s kind of like a mojito, but different. And, maybe even better? : )

Here’s the recipe:

4 mint leaves, plus more for garnish
4 lime wedges
ice cubes
1 oz vodka
tonic water

Muddle the mint leaves and one of the lime wedges in a glass. Fill the glass with ice cubes, add vodka and 2 more lime wedges. Fill with tonic water, and garnish with remaining lime and mint.

So easy and so delicious!



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