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Embrace Lace

August 20, 2013 / by Liz


Recently I’ve fallen in love with Essie Sleek Sticks. They’re basically UV cured polish that sticks to your nail like a sticker. Lots of other brands carry these as well, and I’m sure they’re equally awesome, I just really love Essie nail products. I’ve tried several different designs so far, but I think “embrace the lace” is my favorite.


Each pack comes with 18 stickers (9 different sizes), a cuticle stick, and a file. I found the variety of sizes really good, and I have really small pinky finger nails.


After pushing your cuticles back, you just select the right size for your nail, and stick it as close to your cuticle as possible.


Press the sticker firmly on your nail, and file the top. Then just lift away the excess.



That’s it – so quick and easy. I love these for when I’m headed out and short on time. I add a top coat so that they last a little longer. With the top coat, I find that they usually last a week.



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