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Craft Supplies Organization

October 29, 2013 / by Liz

Much like my nail kit (shown here), my craft supplies had become extremely disorganized. Not on purpose. But as I’ve accumulated new stuff over the past couple of years, it had gotten pretty out of hand. Some of my supplies were still in boxes in the basement, still unpacked from when we moved into our house (…three years ago). Time to organize!

I collected everything I had from around the house and piled it into the living room. This is what I started with:

1 - Before

2 - Before

Slightly overwhelming.

I started by organizing my knitting supplies. All the wool in one bin, and needles and other accessories went into the pink container.

3 - Knitting

Helen approved!

4 - Knitting Helen

Then, using the new organizer that I bought at Michaels, I separated all the other materials into 8 drawers:

5 - Drawers

I separated the materials like this:

• Stamps & Ink Pads
• Stickers & Labels
• Scissors, Pens, & Paint Brushes
• Ribbon
• Felt & Pipe-cleaners
• Card-making Supplies
• Cards (Already Made)
• Treat Bags
• Adhesives and Sparkles
• Card Stock & Fancy Paper

Where possible, I separated small items into ziploc bags, and bunched like-items together with elastic bands.

Then I just poked the organizer into the spare-room closet, totally out of the way!

6 - Closet

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