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Christmas Nails

December 19, 2013 / by Liz

Main - Christmas Nails

Finally got around to painting some fun Christmas nail art! I couldn’t decide what to do, so I ended up painting a different design on every nail. Gold sparkles on my thumbs, candy cane stripes on my index fingers, Christmas trees on my middle fingers, Christmas lights on my ring fingers, and polka dots on my pinkies.

1 - Colours

First, I painted all of my nails white. I was hoping to get away with two coats, but the white was still a little transparent, so I ended up with three.

2 - White Base

I started the designs with my thumbs:

3 - Gold on Thumb

Once my thumbs were done, I added the black wire and plug for the Christmas lights:

4 - Black Wire

Then I added all the green items… the tree, the green lights, and the green dots on my pinkies:

5 - Add Green

Next, all the red things… candy cane stripes, red tree ornaments, red lights, and red polka dots:

6 - Add Red

Then gold, for the star on the tree and the polka dots on my pinky:

7 - Add Gold

And finally, the blue, purple, and yellow for the tree ornaments, and lights:

8 - Add Other Colours

So many colours! This took quite a bit of time, and a ton of brush cleaning…

9 - Brush Cleaning

But I love how they turned out! So festive.

Final - Christmas Nails

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